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Job Interview - The Renaissance Gypsy
March 13th, 2009
07:49 pm


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Job Interview
Well, the job interview went really well.  I don't know about the job though.  I know I can do the actual job which involves a lot of monitoring of equipment and some techie computer stuff which does not seem too hard to learn.  The problem is that after a week or so of training I would be alone at night in the TV station.  Not to sure about this.  I would be able to call 2 people, both engineers (my supervisors) if I had any trouble.  I have no trouble being alone - I am a self starter and don't really like to be around people anyway - the night thing bugs me, though.  The neighborhood is fairly safe and it's 10 minutes by car from my house.

I have not been offered the job - but I might - he said position would begin around April 1 -

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