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Scarborough Renaissance Festival - The Renaissance Gypsy
April 11th, 2009
05:46 pm


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Scarborough Renaissance Festival
Had a wolderful day today.  My husband and I went to Scraborough Renaissance Festival.  I had a makeshift gypsy costume.  Husband really didn't want to wear a costume.  I swear that by next Renaissance Festival I am going to have a better costume!  We are thinking of going to Texas Resnaissance Festival in October.  We went a couple of years ago and that was really fun, too.

I really wanted to buy a nice bodice.  But they were really expensive!  The boned tapestry one I really wanted was like $250.00! There were some less expensive ones but they were not as pretty.  I think I will make one or order one from an online vendor.  I'd really like to loose some weight and I just can't see getting a really expensive costume now - can't afford one anyway!!!  But I can sew one just as nice for much less than they were charging at the faire.

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